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Eric Richards Instructional Consulting, LLC
Eric Richards Instructional Consulting, LLC
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Professional Development

As a world language educator, I strive not only to help students succeed in the classroom and beyond, but also to help educators grow and teach language more effectively.
During my time in education, I have created effective materials and implemented successful strategies that can be used with any curriculum and language. These materials and strategies have led to increased student engagement and language acquisition.
During this time, I have also worked with companies, schools, and educators to develop and enhance professional development, materials, and curriculum.

I look forward to connecting and helping fulfill your professional growth needs.

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Goal and Purpose

Eric Richards Instructional Consulting is dedicated to improving and expanding world language education, professional development, and educator resources to provide vision, leadership, and support for educators in the classroom and beyond.

We also advance the value of all world languages, related instruction and empower all learners to become linguistically and culturally competent in a globally connected world.