Month: June 2022

accelerate science learning

The “S” Lens and World Languages

By Eric Richards Instructional Consulting, LLC / June 27, 2022 /

As, I have written before, one of the aspects of education that I truly enjoy is collaboration. I enjoy meaningful and effective collaboration, because we deepen our knowledge and understanding of our field, and we also bring new ideas to the forefront and create new paths to explore. With that said, I wanted to further…

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adventures in language

Adventures in Language – Growing as a Teacher – Podcast

By Eric Richards Instructional Consulting, LLC / June 8, 2022 /

I really enjoyed being a guest on the Mango Languages podcast “Teaching Languages Today“. Emily Rae Sabo, PhD is fantastic and we had a great conversation. We addressed things like, how do your connections with students evolve across your career? Why do some grow out of the profession? And how can we address teacher burnout…

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