Adventures in Language – Growing as a Teacher – Podcast

adventures in language

Adventures in Language – Growing as a Teacher – Podcast

I really enjoyed being a guest on the Mango Languages podcast “Teaching Languages Today“. Emily Rae Sabo, PhD is fantastic and we had a great conversation. We addressed things like, how do your connections with students evolve across your career? Why do some grow out of the profession? And how can we address teacher burnout when it bubbles up? And more!

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Here is a more detailed summary of the show:

In this episode, our host Emily Sabo, PhD (linguist, Mango Languages) sits down with Eric Richards, a down-to-earth high school German teacher based out of St Louis, Missouri. A finalist for ACTFL’s prestigious 2021 National Language Teacher of the Year award and recipient of Central States’ 2020 Teacher of the Year award, Eric is well-known for his contributions in the field. Listen as Emily and Eric discuss several big topics that all boil down to one main thing: growing as a teacher. How do our connections with students evolve across our careers? Why do some teachers grow out of the profession? And how can we grow personally to address our own teacher burnout when it inevitably bubbles up? All of that and more in this episode of Teaching Languages Today!

Hopefully our conversation will help others. Check it out and share your thoughts. Danke!

P.S. Mango languages podcast “Teaching Languages Today” is an insightful podcast and you should check out the other episodes as well. Here is a description of the show:

Teaching languages today is as exciting as it is challenging! That’s why we here at Mango Languages created “Teaching Languages Today”, a conversational podcast for world language educators that gets to the bottom of what’s working – and what’s not. Listen in for the problems fellow teachers are facing, learn what solutions they’ve found – and get some much-needed self-care reminders of why you fell in love with language teaching to begin with. Your host for the show is language teacher and linguistics researcher Emily Sabo (PhD). In each episode, we’ll learn to see World Language Ed through a new lens, by sitting down with an all-star lineup of teachers, administrators, and students. It’s our hope that the stories you hear in “Teaching Languages Today” will get you thinking – and feeling – differently about what you do in the classroom.

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