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A “Sweet” German Topic

By Eric Richards Instructional Consulting, LLC / April 24, 2024 /

I have recently put out some posts on my X (Twitter) handle – @e_r_richards – about contributions that German-Americans have made to the candy industry in America. Below you will find a more cohesive list of Germans, German-speaking immigrants, and German-Americans, who have added to the fabric of America and “sweetened” American life. These individuals…

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Viennese Coffeehouses

By Eric Richards Instructional Consulting, LLC / March 26, 2024 /

I will once again begin gearing up to take my students abroad this summer to Germany. Although we will only be in Germany this trip abroad, our previous travels have taken us to other German-speaking countries, including: Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. As I begin the countdown to departure, I always reminisce on our past adventures…

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a breakfast table with coffee and pastries

Sachertorte or Apfelstrudel? Which Austrian dessert reigns supreme?

By Eric Richards Instructional Consulting, LLC / January 3, 2023 /

Created in 1832 by 16-year-old apprentice chef Franz Sacher at the court of Prince Metternich, Sachertorte is considered by many to be the reigning king of Austrian desserts. However, many believe this king should be usurped by the noble Apfelstrudel. You be the judge! I’ve included a link from to a recipe for Sachertorte. You…

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Food, History and Terms

By Eric Richards Instructional Consulting, LLC / March 25, 2022 /

Missouri Humanities is a terrific organization with many great programs that explore people, stories, places, and events throughout Missouri’s rich and diverse history while also focusing on the future. Check it out here: I recently attended an event called “Think-N-Drink” through the Missouri Humanities organization. This is a series of events to engage Missourians in…

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