Month: May 2023

Language, Brain Formation and More!

By Eric Richards Instructional Consulting, LLC / May 27, 2023 /

I recently came across a couple of articles that deal with language and the brain. I found them quite interesting and thought I would share. They deal with how our L1 (first language / mother tongue) influences our brain, its formation, and how we process different languages. Scientist are using the information to better help…

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“Das Dokument” – Level 1 Reader

By Eric Richards Instructional Consulting, LLC / May 5, 2023 /

I wanted to share the news. My latest reader Das Dokument has been published! See it here:(Note: There are excerpts from the book at the end of the post.) I’m excited to get this in the hands of German language learners. It is a chapter book with 100 unique words that is written for Level…

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