“Das Dokument” – Level 1 Reader

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“Das Dokument” – Level 1 Reader

I wanted to share the news. My latest reader Das Dokument has been published!
(Note: There are excerpts from the book at the end of the post.)

I’m excited to get this in the hands of German language learners. It is a chapter book with 100 unique words that is written for Level 1/A1 language learners. It incorporates technology & related vocabulary, embedded elements, dialogue and a glossary. It also includes comprehension questions to give learners more repetition with the structures and vocabulary found in the chapters. (And it is printed in color!)

See it here:

Here is a summary:

Henri meets his cousin, Karla, at a café. After she leaves, Henri finds a flash drive on the floor under the table. Thinking it belongs to Karla, he takes it and returns it to her. Karla soon discovers that the flash drive does not belong to her. She also discovers an encrypted document on the flash drive. After hacking the document, Karla knows that she and Henri have a problem. What she doesn’t know is there is a man following them – a man who is determined to get that flash drive back.

If you happen to know of any educators and/or German language learners that this book would help, please pass it along. Danke!

(For my Spanish language educators: it will be out in Spanish in early June!)

Excerpts from the book:

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