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Language, Brain Formation and More!

May 27, 2023

I recently came across a couple of articles that deal with language and the brain. I found them quite interesting and thought I would share. They deal with how our L1 (first language / mother tongue) influences our brain, its…

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“Das Dokument” – Level 1 Reader

May 5, 2023

I wanted to share the news. My latest reader Das Dokument has been published! (Note: There are excerpts from the book at the end of the post.) I’m excited to get this in the hands of German language learners. It…

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Comprehensible Iowa 2023 #CIIA23

April 30, 2023

I wanted to let you know that Comprehensible Iowa #CIIA23 is fast approaching. It is Friday, June 9th – Saturday, June10th in Gilbert, IA. (Just north of Ames, IA) This conference is excellent opportunity for world language educators. The presenters,…

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What’s so important about reading anyway?

April 7, 2023

Note: There is a link to resources below. If there were only one thing that we could do with our students in the classroom, what should it be? Reading. Reading is unquestionably one of the most important things – if…

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An icon of a pencil with plants, birds, and music notes on top of it

Writing in the target language – What’s the big deal?

March 21, 2023

Note: There are links to resources below. As world language educators, we are tasked with not only making the target language accessible and comprehensible to our students, but also getting our students to engage in presentational, interpretive, and interpersonal modes…

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a breakfast table with coffee and pastries

Sachertorte or Apfelstrudel? Which Austrian dessert reigns supreme?

January 3, 2023

Created in 1832 by 16-year-old apprentice chef Franz Sacher at the court of Prince Metternich, Sachertorte is considered by many to be the reigning king of Austrian desserts. However, many believe this king should be usurped by the noble Apfelstrudel. You…

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Game of Quotes Banner with Books in the Background

Game of Quotes: A Free-Reading Game

December 8, 2022

Sometimes you come across an activity that you just have to share; it is too good not to! And Game of Quotes: A Free-Reading Game is one such activity. This activity was shared with me by my colleague, Cathleen Weigelt-Ferguson.…

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Post Conference Reflection – FLAM Conference 2022

October 17, 2022

The 2022 FLAM (Foreign Language Association of Missouri) Conference recently ended. After a bit of time to reflect on the conference, I wanted to share some thoughts and resources. First, it was a fantastic conference. From the presenters, keynote speaker,…

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Foreign Language Association of Missouri

FLAM Conference 2022 – Before the Conference

October 3, 2022

We are week away from the 2022 FLAM (Foreign Language Association of Missouri) Conference at Washington University in St. Louis. Here is the link to register and check out the conference program: It will be a great opportunity for…

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A Few Quick and Easy-to-Implement Activities

September 6, 2022

I know that we hit the ground running on day one of the school and it doesn’t seem to let up until the following summer. I also know that it can be difficult to design and implement new activities and…

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